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Skagit Contra Dancers is a group of enthusiastic musicians and dancers.

We organize contra dances in Anacortes, Washington.

Contra dance is easy and great fun. No partner or experience necessary!

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Member of Country Dance & Song Society

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Want a fun way to dance to live music, meet new people and get some exercise? We provide that opportunity through American Contra Dancing. 

Contra is a traditional group dance with partners. Couples and singles are all welcome.

An experienced “caller” leads you through each dance before the music starts. Music is provided by a live band. Each dance lasts 10-15 minutes as you and your partner “go up the line” meeting other partners. As you interact with your line of dancers, the caller will issue instructions such as circle left, do-si-do or swing your partner.  There is a short break to visit between dances.

Contra is a fun activity because it brings you together with people who enjoy dance, laughter and live music in a friendly and accepting atmosphere. Many people change partners. Experienced dancers will partner with beginners, and parents with their children. 

Contra is enjoyed by people of all ages and experience levels. The exercise is an added bonus. You hardly know you are burning those calories.

We look forward to seeing you at our contra dances here in the Skagit Valley.

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Photo by Doug Plummer