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Skagit Contra Dancers is a group of enthusiastic musicians and dancers.

We organize contra dances in Anacortes, Washington.

Contra dance is easy and great fun. No partner or experience necessary!

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Member of Country Dance & Song Society

2013 Skagit Contra Dancers

On the Move

Bill Connor (flute, bohdran & sax)

Betty Connor (fiddle)

Barney McClure (piano)

Barney McClure is known throughout the Northwest as a great jazz piano player, but he has a rich history of playing for contra and square dances in the Seattle area and Alaska. His amazing versatility for backup chords, progressions, rhythm and playing note for note always amazes those around us!

Bill and Betty Connor have been playing for contra dances for over 25 years. Their rich dance music history includes Round the House with Rex Blazer and Polar Drive, with Charlie Hunt and Nancy Bayer. Both have called dances and played Irish and New England dance music since 1979 in Missouri. 

With that much calling experience, they know how to fit the music choices with the nuances of the dances.

On The Move plays from a repertoire from New England, Canada, Ireland, conventional traditional dance music and newly composed music for dance. On The Move, has played in Alaska and Hawaii for contra dances and other festival events.